Fox, CNN Hype Obama’s ‘Awkward Moment’ with Iraqi PM at G7 Summit


As often happens during major gatherings of world leaders, U.S. media is on the lookout today for any hints of “awkwardness” between President Barack Obama and the other prominent figures at today’s G7 Summit in Germany. And they found what they were looking for in a few seconds of video in which Iraq’s new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, puts in minimal effort to make some pre-meeting small talk with Obama before giving up and walking away.

“The president was sort of, sitting down having conversations with other world leaders when the Iraqi prime minister sort of sidled up right behind, obviously waiting to get the president’s attention,” reporter Kevin Corke said. “The president never turned back. Either he didn’t see him or didn’t acknowledge that he was there. And after a certain while, he sort of looked at his watch and his interpreter kind of raised his palms to the sky and say, ‘what gives?’

“An awkward moment to say the least,” he continued. “And we look forward to hearing the president’s explanation for what could certainly be perceived as a snub.”

“Yeah, maybe he didn’t see him,” anchor Gregg Jarrett said, dismissing the importance of what has just been reported before changing the subject.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

Less than 10 minutes later, CNN’s Carol Costello was on the case, calling the “possible snub” a “sign things aren’t going so great” in the discussions between the U.S. and Iraq on how to handle ISIS. “It was awkward, but was it a snub?” she asked reporter Jim Acosta after analyzing the tape.

“I think it’s more hashtag awkward,” Acosta said, implying that people are perhaps making too much of the moment. “You know, they try so hard to carefully craft the photo opportunities for these leaders of this G7 Summit and things sometimes go awry and I think that’s the case here.” He pointed out that earlier in the day, Obama did have a choreographed handshake photo-op with al-Abadi.

“I think the evidence shows that it’s probably not a snub, just an awkward moment where the president did not even realize that the Iraqi prime minister was behind him,” Acosta concluded.

So, to sum up, nothing happened and everything’s cool.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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