Fox Contributor Compares Abortion and Slavery: ‘Just as the Victim Was the Slave, the Victim Is the Unborn Child’


A Fox News contributor compared abortion to slavery on Wednesday.

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy started off by suggesting that it was the left that is moving to a  far more “radical position’ because they feel up against the wall in the abortion debate.

She then insisted the country was divided since Roe vs. Wade and the only cure was overturning the SCOTUS decision.

Next, turning to slavery she said this: ” I believe in my lifetime the only way this is going to be resolved is Roe V. Wade is going to be overturned. It’s going to go back to the states because this issue is as fundamental as an issue was back in the middle of the 1800s called slavery… This is such a fundamental human rights issue, the pro-choicers know they are losing, the momentum is on the side of the pro-lifers, the scientists, too. The only reason this will resolved is by overturning Roe v. Wade.”

Fox News’ political analyst Juan Williams then suggested it was a matter of speaking for yourself.

“To go back to the slavery analogy that Rachel just used, I would think it is about having people being able to speak for themselves,” he countered. “If someone had asked, hey do you want to be enslaved? They would’ve said no. If you are asking a woman, a mother, in most cases you have women who have abortions already have children. They are making a decision…What we are talking about here is protecting rights. If slaves had rights, believe me, they wouldn’t have been slaves.”

Campos-Duffy, though, was having none of that.

“The victim was the slave, the victim is the unborn child in this case,” she said.

The Fox News contributor continued her slavery analogy before insisting pro-choices were akin to “science deniers.”

“By the way, there are also people who were against slavery who said I am personally against slavery but I’m not going to tell other people what to do,” she opined. “We have heard that argument in the case of abortion as well. I think the humanity of the fetus is being proven everyday by science and technology, and people on your side of the issue look a lot like science deniers.”

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