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Fox Contributor: GOP Has Put Up with Trump’s ‘Douchebaggery’ for Years

greeneDemocratic Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene praised the GOP for finally ditching Donald Trump on Fox & Friends Sunday morning, after tolerating his “douchebaggery” for years.

“I hoped that it was the beginning of the end when he first dipped his toe into the waters,” Greene said. “This is just a continuation of his douchebaggery and has been accepted for so long by Republicans that finally they’ve come to their senses because, I guess, he has now finally crossed the line. But he crossed many lines quite some time ago.”

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Weekly Standard scribe Daniel Harper said Trump’s comments were less of a story than the Netroots Nation protests of Democratic challengers Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, something Greene called a “perfect line of distraction and deflection,” especially “when you have the person who is leading in Republican polls saying things about our military men and women that is so offensive, and still not wanting to own up to the fact that in the Fox News poll he was at the top just last week.”

“What is going on in the Republican Party?” Greene asked. “What does it take for you all to take your party back from the crazies that have had control of it for about seven years now?”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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