Fox Debate Moderator Chris Wallace Confronts Trump for Skipping: Did You Snub Voters?

wallace trumpAfter Donald Trump skipped the GOP debate he moderated, Fox’s Chris Wallace confronted the Republican frontrunner over his absence and whether he “snubbed” the voters of Iowa.

Wallace asked, “What do you want to say to voters in these final hours before the caucuses who may feel that you snubbed them by not showing up at the one debate to be held here in Iowa?”

In the big Des Moines Register poll released yesterday, 29 percent of Iowa Republicans said they disapproved of Trump’s decision to skip the debate, while only 24 percent said they approved.

Trump attempted to bring up his issues with Fox, but Wallace redirected him to the issue of the voters. Trump insisted, “You have to stick up for your rights.”

Wallace brought up Ted Cruz‘s criticism that he skipped the debate because he’s trying to hide his “liberal record.” Trump said Cruz doesn’t have a leg to stand on because bank loans and Canada.

Watch above, via Fox.

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