Fox Debates ‘Downright Racist’ GOP Ad, GOP Pundit Argues It’s ‘A Sign of How Far Left’ Dems Have Gone


A Fox News panel got feisty ahead of schedule on election day when the hot topic of Donald Trump‘s immigration ad — pulled from the cable networks, including FNC, for being racist — became a point of debate between host of FNC’s The Next Revolution Steve Hilton and Fox Contributor Richard Fowler. A very in-house debate.

To kick off the segment, co-host Bill Hemmer asked the panel, which also included Fox’s Marc Thiessen, how they were feeling about the outcome of today’s votes. In the course of that discussion, the topic of what issues are at play today for voters lead to the discussion of the ad put out by the President and the GOP turn to immigration rather than the economy as a closing argument.

Hilton said that he hopes “substance wins out” over anti-Trump “rhetoric” and that people will vote for things that benefit their lives, like the economy.

Fowler noted that this isn’t the topic Trump has chosen to focus on.

“Here is the thing. See, Steve’s economic message and how he sounds, that’s a very popular message, and I think that message would have worked for this election,” he said. “I think sadly the president made a very, very far right turn a couple of weeks ago that… we’re not talking about the economy. We’re talking about, is it about racism, is it about fear, is it about this caravan?”

“I want to challenge the idea,” said Hilton before the topic was changed, “that talking about enforcing our borders is far right is a ridiculous thing to say.”

“I’m not about talking about enforcing the border, because I believe enforcing the border,” Fowler responded. “It is how you talk about enforcing the border. When you run an ad that is so racist that every network has brought it–”

In cross-talk, Hilton continued, saying “that’s a sign of how far left the Democrats have gone–”

“No, no, no, I’m talking about the ad that was run by the Republican party–” continued Fowler.

“–that you think that enforcing the border is a far-right position. That’s crazy!” Hilton concluded.

“No, that’s not at all–that’s not a far-right position. How you talk about the border, and when you run an ad that is factually inaccurate and that is downright racist, which is pulled from every network and Facebook and Twitter, that is problematic and that’s what people are voting today,” concluded Fowler.

At that point, Thiessen entered the fray. “The reality is and with the economy the way it is right now, the Republicans should be cruising to a huge electoral victory. The president made a strategic decision. And he gets credit for that. His tax cut, his regulatory pushback, the economy is booming for almost everybody across the board under Trump,” he said. “He made a strategic decision to make this about the caravan rather than the economy. That’s a big gamble.”

“I don’t know whether it’s going to work or not,” Thiessen continued. “If it works, he is a political genius. If it doesn’t work it is a huge lost opportunity because he had, you know, the ad they were supposed to be running was this kind of ‘Morning in America, the economy is booming again’ kind of ad, and he pulled that.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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