Fox & Friends Accuse Dems of Trying to Protect Hillary from Benghazi Commission

On Friday morning, the panel on Fox and Friends roundly thrashed the Congressional Democratic Caucus for doing what appears to be a perfectly normal congressional maneuver. First, they loudly opposed a panel investigating Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s role in the Benghazi cover-up; then, once the House voted to hold a Benghazi hearing, appointing five Democrats to serve on the panel, “possibly [to] protect Hillary when she will be called to testify.” Oh god, politics!

Part of this acquiescence may come from the fact that seven Democratic congressmen, mainly from Republican-leaning states, voted with the GOP to create the panel (“So it was indeed bipartisan,” Brian Kilmeade pointed out). But part of it, they accused, was their sudden realization that they maybe should have someone on that panel (five Democrats, seven Republicans, who “has their back.”)

Their solution: Appoint Democrats that “are sincerely looking for answer when is it comes to benghazi as opposed to other people that might be there just to obstruct.” The panel will be announced later today.

Watch below via Fox:

[Image via screencap]

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