Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt Slams Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn as ‘Un-American’ For Trump Criticism


Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn recently told CNN that, though she is looking forward to representing America in the 2018 Winter Olympics, she will not be representing President Donald Trump at the games.

This did not sit well with the gang over at Fox & Friends, taking Vonn to task during multiple segments of this Friday morning’s episode.

Ainsley Earhardt began piling on the gold medal-winning Olympian skier, with an insult even the most senile Fox & Friends viewer might find lazy: “She is just another celebrity, another Hollywood person who doesn’t agree with the president,” she said. “Do you think [Trump] cares?”

Steve Doocy, oddly, followed that up by alleging that perhaps Vonn was so angry at Trump because he recently golfed with Tiger Woods, as the PGA legend and Vonn used to date.

“You know what’s interesting is, you think about it, her ex is Tiger Woods, who played golf with President Trump, what, a week ago?”

Earhardt added, “Maybe that’s why they broke up.”

“Anyway. So Tiger Woods, no problem apparently playing golf with the president, Doocy continued. “But if she wins, she is not going to the White House. No sirree.”

Pete Hegseth, a military veteran, was taken aback by Vonn’s comments, accusing her of tarnishing the image of America.

“Think about the honor of going to the Olympics,” he said. “Wearing the flag.”

“It’s like wearing the flag in combat, in battle.”

“Very un-American,” Earhardt, America’s foremost patriot, declared.

Later in the episode, Earhardt continued to take aim at Vonn, and the potential global repercussions of her criticism of Trump, questioning “Are people gonna take a knee at the Olympics now?”

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