Fox & Friends Anchor Denounces Pawlenty’s Remark That Obama Needs Adult Diapers

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has taken a lot of kidding lately over attempts to break out of his less-than-electric personality, but one such seeming effort has him being called out by co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends. In an appearance on stand-up Wikipedian Dennis Miller’s radio show, Pawlenty said the President could use some “Depends” when he gets intelligence briefings. Kilmeade called the remark “(not) appropriate” and “bad for the country.”

Gretchen Carlson seems to agree with Kilmeade, but co-anchor Steve Doocy can’t suppress a half-smile as he sums up Pawlenty’s attack. To his credit, I think Kilmeade identified a key reason why it is so important to make this kind of criticism carefully. With the entire world watching, legitimate criticism is still the American way, but telling our enemies that the Commander-in-Chief is somehow a coward is not a great idea.

It would have been nicer if Kilmeade had pointed out that this supposedly pee-pants president has killed so many terrorists, even Republicans complained about it (before dropping the subject altogether), and has worked Michael Moore into a lather that would make Cujo faint.

But good for Kilmeade, anyway, and shame on Pawlenty.

Here’s the clip, from Fox News:

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