Fox & Friends and Maria Bartiromo Trash Andrew McCabe’s Wife Over Anti-Trump Op-Ed


Fox & Friends was on the attack Tuesday morning, running solid interference for President Donald Trump against a widely-circulated op-ed by Andrew McCabe’s wife decrying the president for his attacks on her and her husband.

Jill McCabe, an emergency room pediatrician who was recruited to run for the Virginia Senate because of her support for expanding Medicaid, has been used as a battering ram by Trump against her husband Andrew — the ousted FBI deputy director — because she received donations from the Democratic party for her ill-fated run for office.

In her op-ed, in which she describes Trump’s attacks on her and her husband as a “nightmare,” Jill explains that her run for office in 2015 concluded before Andrew’s involvement in the Clinton investigation, despite Trump’s claims:

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, it makes no sense. Andrew’s involvement in the Clinton investigation came not only after the contributions were made to my campaign but also after the race was over. Since that news report, there have been thousands more, repeating the false allegation that there was some connection between my campaign and my husband’s role at the FBI.

Fox & Friends covered the op-ed on Tuesday morning, and host Ainsley Earhardt made some comments that might make viewers question whether the morning show host actually read Jill McCabe’s piece:

“Just to remind you, she was running for Senate and didn’t win, she got a lot of money from Terry McAuliffe’s group, and he is best friends with Hillary Clinton. So it looked like they were paying her, putting a lot of money toward her campaign so that she would win, because her husband was with the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton.”

You’ll notice Earhardt’s deft sleight of hand: by saying “it looked like they were paying her…because her husband was with the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton,” she ignores the facts laid out in McCabe’s op-ed, in favor of reinforcing Trump’s conspiracy theory that the donations were intended to influence the Clinton investigation, which had yet to start.

Meanwhile, on Fox Business Network, Maria Bartiromo also chose to ignore Jill McCabe’s arguments, making the case with the help of Newt Gingrich that Andrew McCabe’s bias is simply irrefutable:

“Isn’t it ironic that the president runs for presidency, and he comes out with all of these policies that help the economy, and he get’s attacked, his family gets attacked, everybody around him, the supporters of him are called deplorables? There you go. Ironic.”

Angling for Larry Kudlow’s job when he gets the boot next week, perhaps?

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