Fox & Friends Sends Kilmeade to Nashville Pancake House to Ask About…Oprah

Whether she meant to do it or not, Oprah Winfrey now has legit heat for a presidential run in 2020 or beyond. Her Golden Globes speech was nearly universally well-received and is still the top story. Winfrey has never held public office, but whatever, that didn’t stop President Donald Trump, right?

Not everyone, however, is on board the #Oprah2020 hype train. Case in point? Fox & Friends sent one of their own, Brian Kilmeade, to a Nashville, Tennessee pancake restaurant to discuss Trump visiting the city, how expensive tickets are to see him speak ($250 each) and, of course, Kilmeade’s past as a waiter at Bennigan’s.

After two precocious children presented both Fox & Friends and Trump hand-made awards for excellence, talk turned to Oprah and her potential future in politics.

“Do you think Oprah could be president? Because last night at the Golden Globes, things seem to have gone so well for her, there’s a big push for it,” Kilmeade asked a patron. “Would you vote for her?”

“Absolutely not,” he said. “I’m ready to re-elect the Commander in Chief we’ve got now.”

Kilmeade asked the patron if Michael Wolff’s recent White House tell-all bothers him, and he said it frustrates only because “it’s all fake news.”

A magician was then brought on-screen, whereupon he called the Trump administration itself a “magic trick” because they had “brand new ideas.”

“It’s like an appearance,” he said.

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