Fox & Friends Bashes The View Over Iran Coverage: ‘I Feel Bad for Meghan McCain’


Fox & Friends went after The View’s Joy Behar on Wednesday morning for her comments about President Donald Trump’s support of the protests currently roiling Iran.

The Fox News morning show hosts first bashed Newsweek, for a piece from the publication bearing the headline “Trump, Who Blocks Americans on Twitter, Tells Iran to Unblock Social Media During Protests.”

Steve Doocy, who referred to Newsweek as a “once grand weekly,” said the comparison was “crazy.”

Ainsley Earhardt then pivoted to Joy Behar, who compared the governments of Iran and the U.S. on The View Tuesday, claiming “we’re in a very slippery slope in this country to throwing democracy out the window.”

“We do but we’re not being stoned in the streets for being gay everyday,” an exasperated Meghan McCain contended on The View — to which Behar replied “not yet.”

“What she doesn’t understand is the president is supporting the protestors in Iran,” Earhardt said on Fox.

“It’s all about freedom!” Doocy exclaimed.

“I feel bad for Meghan McCain,” Brian Kilmeade said of The View’s conservative co-host. “Did you see the look on her face? That’s what happens when you go over there, you can’t believe what these others are saying.”

An awkward silence ensued as Kilmeade’s co-hosts tried to decipher what he meant by “over there,” or “these others” (View hosts? Liberals? ABC?), before Doocy concluded the segment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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