Fox & Friends Bashes Nadler’s ‘Jerry-Rigged’ Judiciary Impeachment Hearings


On Sunday, Pete Hegseth took the lead on Fox & Friends as they pummeled House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler for the upcoming next round of impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.

The Judiciary Committee will move the impeachment process into its next phase once the Intelligence Committee releases the final draft of their report on Trump’s offenses from the Ukraine scandal. Fox & Friends covered this while saying Nadler is ignoring Judiciary Ranking Republican Doug Collins‘ letters about the hearing process, and they also lamented that impeachment is still happening while Trump is going abroad for a NATO meeting.

From there, Hegseth busted out some wordplay by saying “Adam Schiff laid out the show trial he wanted to create, there is no reason Jerry Nadler will not jerry-rig the Judiciary Committee.”

“That’s right, its a jerry-rigged, Jerry Nadler judiciary committee process,” Hegseth said. “They’re gonna call their own people, on their own timeline, with their own evidence and the president has to decide to what extent they want to be involved. But why would you want to be involved with a process that clearly, from the beginning, has been as fast as possible with a tight group of witnesses we think help us out after they have done rehearsals behind closed doors.”

Hegseth concluded by saying “Impeachment has hurt Democrats because people are smart enough to understand a system that’s rigged against them.” Nicole Saphier kept thing going from there by saying “holding foreign aid itself is not so unscripted,” and she asked Democrats “what direct evidence do you have” to prove Trump’s nefarious conduct.

“This is why it’s jerry-rigged,” Hegseth said. “because they’re putting duck tape on it to do it as fast as they can based on a phone call.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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