Fox & Friends Blasts Chuck Todd Over Sen. Ron Johnson Interview: ‘A Disgrace to Humankind’


Fox & Friends addressed Sunday morning’s combative interview between Senator Ron Johnson and Meet the Press host Chuck Today. The remarkable conflict was presented as evidence of clear media bias on display by Todd, evidenced by co-hos Brian Kilmeade defending a vexed Johnson as the “most-level headed guy, he can’t take it anymore!” in asking for input from Fox News contributor Dan Bongino.

Bongino did not hold back in his assessment, saying “I’m telling you right now he should have walked off that set.” He then blasted the Meet the Press host, saying “Chuck Todd is a disgrace to humankind. How this guy pretends still to be a journalist to this day an impairment.”

The MTP interview went viral shortly after it aired, and was even mentioned in a Sunday night tweet by President Donald Trump, so by any measure it was newsworthy as the Wisconsin Senator employed the classic “best defense is a good offense” tactic so often employed by Trump’s defenders in the media

Johnson was reported to have claimed he “winced” when he learned that the Trump administration was withholding military aid to Ukraine, ostensibly tying it to an investigation into the 2016 election and looking into the son of former Vice President Joe Biden. But Johnson pretty much refused to address that story, instead chose to focus on a “deep state” conspiracy and admitting that he does not trust the FBI and CIA for fear that they are more interested in undermining President Trump than investigating the truth.

After citing a Politico article as irrefutable evidence in support of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, Bongino dismissed the network carrying Todd, saying “the fact that NBC is not remotely interested in getting to the boat of why that may have happened, that’s their problem as a fake news network.”

Bongino finished by noting this as evidence of “why their ratings are in the can,” adding “that’s why Rachel Maddow people are leaving her show in droves because you can only get hoaxed so long by these people.”

Watch above via Fox News.


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