Fox & Friends Bravely Uncovers the Media’s Unfair Treatment of Melania Trump

We live in a very serious time, with some quite unnerving news narratives unfolding before our eyes.

A divided nation that is so politically divided that people are dying at the hands of White Supremacists…The US and North Korea appear to be in a very scary game of rhetorical brinksmanship with nuclear arsenals in play…And First Lady Melania Trump appears to be receiving some less than positive coverage by some in the press.

Fox & Friends bravely covered the last topic in a hard-hitting segment earlier today when host Abby Huntsman suggested that Mrs. Trump “is fair game now” when there are “a lot of sources that never would have touched Michelle Obama in any negative way at all.” (Wait, WHAT?!)

Guest Steve Katz, noted author of Steve’s America: A Celebration of Steves observed that the rules on how the media treats First Ladies appears to have changed, in that past First Ladies like Mesdames Obama and Laura Bush before here were treated with respect by the press. He neglected to mention Hillary Clinton, who was ALWAYS treated with respect and adulation in the 1990s, especially on Fox News.

If the whole thing seems absurd to you then you share the same perception of this writer.

Watch the clip and see for yourself, courtesy of Fox News.




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