Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: Media Covers Immigration Because They Think It’s a ‘Negative Situation’ For Trump


The hosts of President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show Fox & Friends decried their cable news competition for being “almost completely negative” toward the president, especially in their coverage of immigration.

“We actually carried the president’s comments yesterday from Kansas City live, however, you don’t see so much of that on the other networks,” co-host Steve Doocy said this morning. “You do see one approach to their coverage, and it’s almost completely negative.”

The show aired research from a conservative watchdog group that found media coverage of Trump to be 92 percent negative.

Ainsley Earhardt noted that “immigration has received more air time in three broadcast evening shows than any other policy topic and the majority of it is negative.”

Brian Kilmeade claimed that the media focuses on Trump’s immigration policies so much “because they feel as though it’s a negative situation for the president who is being very tough at the border.”

Trump’s self-imposed immigration crisis has indeed been getting coverage in the news, after he implemented a zero tolerance policy that tore apart migrant families fleeing violence and poverty in their own countries and failed to reunite them. Trump eventually reversed his own policy, but blamed Democrats for the crisis.

“If this country is 50-50, let’s say 40-40 with 20 in the middle, how could you possibly have 92% negative coverage on anything and even pretend to be giving both sides?” Kilmeade said.

Earhardt went on to tout the cliché pro-Trump talking point decrying the so-called coastal elites: “you’ve got these networks in New York, you’ve got Hollywood” who focus on attacking the president while they ignore “the president’s base” in the middle of the country.

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