Fox & Friends Brings Out Ex-Marine to Answer: Was American Sniper ‘Snubbed’?

Despite being a massive box office success, American Sniper only won one (Best Sound Editing) of the six Oscars for which it was nominated, leading to Fox & Friends to ask this morning: Did the movie get snubbed?

Gee, we wonder how the show plans to answer this one. In short: Yes, it was snubbed.

And here’s an ex-Marine (and Sniper actor) to tell us how the movie was robbed of its Oscar glory by liberal Hollywood hellbent on sending a message to America that your box office receipts count for nothing — nothing! — when voting for awards meant to recognize artistry and achievement.

The entire segment was a repetition of the mantra “Hollywood bad, Oscars bad, Sniper good.” Also a few requisite suggestions that Clint Eastwood wasn’t nominated for Best Director due to his 2012 RNC speech. And a bunch of references to the movie’s box office success (ignoring that the Oscars aren’t selected based on monetary success — if that were the case, we’d see Michael Bay films or the Marvel series cleaning up year after year).

FYI: Literally hundreds of great movies haven’t won Best Picture despite massive critical acclaim and success. That’s how award shows work. Not everyone can win. And it’s just a trophy. But alas, here we are.

Watch below, via Fox:

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