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Fox & Friends Calls Out Chris Cuomo’s Situational Subjectivity in Covering Governor Cuomo Scandals

Fox & Friends is wondering if CNN’s Chris Cuomo cannot be objective in covering his brother during a controversy; why was he able to subjectively cover him during better times?

The Fox News morning show opened Tuesday’s show with a report of the third allegation of sexual harassment against the embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo before quickly pivoting to his brother, who effectively recused himself from covering any news scandals involving his brother in Albany, saying he could not cover him fairly.

Cuomo addressed the controversy surrounding his brother during Monday night’s show with the following message for viewers:

“Let me say something that I’m sure is very obvious to you who watch my show… Obviously I’m aware of what’s going on with my brother. And obviously I cannot cover it because he is my brother. Now, of course, CNN has to cover it. They have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. I have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so. I just wanted to tell you that.”

But Fox & Friends, and many others on Twitter, were quick to point out how during the late spring and summer months of 2020, Governor Cuomo was a frequent guest on his brother’s show and often in less than journalistically sound manner.

The point that was being made was that two brothers mugging for the camera and cracking wise might make for good television, but maybe not when one is the Governor of New York State and the other the anchor of CNN’s 9 p.m. show during a global pandemic.

Fox & Friends is not a news program, and, as such, they rarely adhere to the strictest standards of journalism on cable news. (Then again, who really does anymore?) But they are correct to call out the situational journalistic ethics on display by CNN and Chris Cuomo.

In fact, they are echoing a prescient point made by Mediaite’s Joe DePaolo, who pleaded with all involved in a column published last March: “The conflict of interest couldn’t be more clear. Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo are brothers. They appear to be close. For the sake of journalistic integrity, their interviews need to stop.”

It’s more than a fair point Cuomo’s critics are making, and one that I suspect reasonable people at CNN’s Hudson Yards offices would privately admit.

Watch above via Fox News.

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