Fox & Friends Can’t Decide Whether Flake Leaving Counts as ‘Draining the Swamp’

After Senator Jeff Flake gave a passionate anti-Trump speech to announce he will be leaving the Senate, the hosts of Fox & Friends had trouble deciding whether or not the conservative lawmaker’s departure was actually “draining the swamp.”

Of course, “draining the swamp” being a reference to President Donald Trump‘s promise to rid Washington of its compromised political figures, establishment thinkers, lobbyists, etc. However, when it came to Senator Bob Corker and now Flake leaving the Senate — with the added pressure of the president surely watching — the pro-Trump hosts couldn’t decide if this was real swamp draining. Or even what the definition of swamp draining is.

“Both men did vote with the president 90 percent of the time, they just so didn’t seem to like his tone,” said Brian Kilmeade, citing a Five Thirty Eight statistic while appearing to rebuff guest Tomi Lahren’s lengthy anti-Flake tirade.

“The president didn’t endorse them, so now they’re leaving. Is that what ‘draining the swamp’ is?” asked Ainsley Earhardt, seeming unsure — despite months of Fox & Friends discussion on and endorsement of the “drain the swamp” talking point.

Kilmeade, who added “uhhh, I’m not sure,” also had no idea — because how could the departure of two senators who agree with Trump nearly 9/10 times while voting help fix the “swamp?”

Steve Doocy had the answer: “I think ‘draining the swamp’ is getting people on your team into those 100 chairs in the senate, as many as possible for him.” Though, he seemed to ignore the fact that the exiting lawmakers were, for voting purposes, on the president’s team.

Of course, a political discussion this trivial and vapid could only be inspired by a Tomi Lahren rant, who attacked Flake for using the “excuse” of sticking to his “morals” — a “RINO” concept that is totally foreign to her.

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