Fox & Friends Chyron: ‘DEATH TO AMERICA!’

Fox & Friends briefly ran an alarming chyron when teasing an interview with an Obama official regarding Iran’s Sunday vote to increase military spending.

“DEATH TO AMERICA!” the chryon declared, as images of missiles tearing through the sky ran above it.

“Well, Iran just voted to increase spending on missiles,” Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth said. “Fantastic, since when was that part of that fantastic and great Iran deal?”

“Well a former member of President Obama’s state department will be here live to discuss,” he added.

That’s in reference to news that Iranian lawmakers voted on Sunday to increase spending on the country’s ballistic missile program, in the face of increased sanctions from the United States.

The boost of Iran’s military budget by $800 million comes in response to the sanctions bill on Tehran reluctantly signed by President Donald Trump — and was passed to cries of “Death to America!” by Iranian lawmakers.

Despite Hegseth’s pinning the blame for this latest posturing from Tehran on Obama, the increase in military spending is not necessarily in violation of the Iran nuclear deal — which was, of course, focused on nuclear arms, not general military spending.

As David Tafuri, the former Obama State Department official noted in a subsequent segment, while the spending increase avoids violating the specifics of the 2015 nuclear deal, “it certainly violates the spirit of that agreement.”

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