Fox & Friends Compares Vacation Photos Of Shirtless Politicians

The Fox & Friends crew started off the week with a short segment on, well, shirtless politicians. From Rick Santorum to President Obama, they compared vacation photos — rather bluntly.

Santorum’s photo was up first. The GOP candidate “apologized” for the photo, taken when he was recently campaigning in Puerto Rico, adding that “I know it’s not a pretty sight.” Though the general consensus this morning seemed to be that the photo wasn’t too bad — especially compared to the photo of Congressman Charlie Rangel (who was fully clothed and looked “like he was shot with a tranquilizer gun”).

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Other shirtless politicians included President Obama, Mitt Romney (who may or may not have been sucking in his stomach while the photo was being taken) and President Clinton.

“Do you have any women in these?” the male co-hosts wanted to know. Steve Doocy also made sure to note that, according to a website he’d read, Santorum’s picture was taken by passerby on a gay cruise.

“And what website was that that you were looking at?” Brian Kilmeade wondered.

Take a look, via Fox News. Happy Monday!

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