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Fox & Friends Diner: Impeachment Will Help Trump in 2020 ‘Among People Who Don’t Care About Facts’

There was a bit of awkwardness on Fox News when Todd Piro reacted to an unflattering comment on how Donald Trump’s base will remain energized by the president’s impeachment.

Piro hosted one of Fox & Friends’ diner segments from Battle Creek, Michigan on Thursday, which came hours after Trump held a speech in the area while the House of Representatives voted to impeach him. Piro spoke to multiple diners who took a negative view on the president’s impeachment, but he also spoke to a woman named Carol who called impeachment “a necessary evil” because “if the Democrats are going to preach [the] Constitution, they have got to walk the walk, they’ve got to go through with it.”

Piro eventually returned to Carol after speaking with other diner patrons who bashed Democrats over the impeachment push and predicted that it will help Trump in the end. When Carol was asked if impeachment will help or hurt Trump in 2020, though, she answered: “I think it’ll help him among people who don’t care about facts.”

“Alright” Piro responded with a brief pause before moving along to another patron named Bill who predicted impeachment to be a positive for Trump.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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