Fox & Friends Dramatizes Sidewalk Protest Against ICE: ‘Quickly Spreading Across the County’


In a fear-mongering Fox & Friends report on a small sidewalk protest against Immigration and Customs Enforcement, correspondent reporter Todd Piro claimed “their anti-rule of law message is spreading through the country.”

Piro spoke with unidentified protesters next to the Varick Street Immigration Court in New York City’s West Village, who advocated for the ICE to be dissolved altogether.

“I’m here because I think that separating parents from their children and deporting people who are just living their lives is wrong,” one man said, holding a cardboard sign across which was written, “abolish ICE.”

Another protester said he wanted to draw attention to what is currently “a pretty draconian immigration policy” that he contended has been problematic since the Clinton administration. “We have shut down the building for the day,” he added, noting that it was something the group had accomplished.

However, their protest was not the cause of the building’s closure, yet that was not explained until the end of the report, at which point a statement from court was shown, saying it “did not hold hearings today because detained respondents were not available to appear.”

“Judges will reset resist hearings that were scheduled to the earliest available date on their dockets,” the statement said.

But that didn’t stop Fox from showing Piro asking a protester a gravely misleading question.

“I’ve read this from people who are very, very pro-your side in all of this, saying by you being here today, you delayed the process for by about six weeks for some individuals getting through the detention process,” he said, wondering how she would respond to that. The woman explained she was troubled by that, since she was not seeking to harm anyone.

Yet Piro again asks a similar question of another protester, suggesting that the court was shut down by the demonstration.

“So why do you think today they cancelled all the court hearings, because of your protest?” he inquired.

To add to the report’s explicitly biased presentation, an ominous music track is played underneath, coloring the story with a negative tone.

While the demonstrators were endorsing open borders and advocating for an end to ICE, the protest, as evidenced by the footage and the small number of individuals interviewed, was by no means a large gathering.

Still, Fox described the movement as “quickly spreading across the country including right here in New York City,” host Ainsley Earhardt calling Piro “a brave man” for his work.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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