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Fox & Friends Exctincts Bald Eagles, Then Resurrects Them

Reports of my extinction have been greatly exaggerated, say bald eagles everywhere today. New York Magazine Daily Intelligencer blogger Dan Amira flags an amusing Fox & Friends chyron proclaiming that “Bald Eagle Was Extinct, But Science Saved It.”

As Jim Romanesko points out, Bald Eagles were on the endangered species list, but viewers who had the sound up learned from San Diego Zoo Global Ambassador Rick Schwartz, “because of slight changes in our behavior, nothing drastic, nothing major, just change a few things on how we deal with pesticides, they’re now off the endangered species list.”

He also explained that special guest Thunder was unable to be rehabilitated into the wild, and that Thunder needed to be kept away from the rest of the guests because “the eagle is a predator that eats small animals.”

Unfortunately, the production team missed the chance to run a chyron that said “Small Animals were Extinct, But Fox & Friends Saved Them.”

Here’s the clip, from Fox & Friends:

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