Fox & Friends Guest: Democratic Party at ‘War with Itself’ over Voter ID

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Monday, National Review columnist John Fund was asked for his take on President Barack Obama attacking voter identification as a means of limiting the ability of minority Americans to vote during a Friday appearance at a National Action Network event. Fund noted that a variety of high profile Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton, have endorsed national identification measures to prevent voter fraud.

“The president noticed, he said, ‘This may prevent seniors and women from voting,’” Fund observed. “Well, we’ve had very tough voter ID laws in nine or 10 states now for two or three elections, and there are no examples of being turned away like the president says. So, his concern is purely speculative.”

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Fund added that Clinton, along with former Amb. Andrew Young and former President Jimmy Carter, all endorsed turning social security cards into a form of national picture identification. “So, you have the Democratic Party at war with itself,” Fund asserted.

He noted that two-thirds of minority voters support voter ID laws even though they are supposedly disenfranchised by them. “So, this whole argument is a complete soufflé,” Fund continued. “It’s collapsing in on itself.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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