Fox & Friends Guest Host Defends NFL Kneelers: ‘A Protest Isn’t Supposed to Appease Everybody’


Another day, another Fox & Friends segment bashing NFL players for not “respecting” the flag or America or the troops or law enforcement or something — but the narrative was shattered Friday morning as a former pro-football player appeared on the show and refused to join in on the usual performance.

While Fox News hosts Brian KilmeadeAinsley Earhardt, and Steve Doocy are reliable spouters of hyper-patriotic drivel on the national anthem protests, former NFL player Jason Sehorn — who will be a Fox & Friends guest host on Saturday and Sunday — defended both the aim of the athletes’ protest and their right to do so.

Despite being known for his conservative views, Sehorn still supported protesting NFL players by explaining:

“I think you’ll still see the same people taking a knee — what they’re standing for or taking a knee for, I get, and I understand. We may not agree with the approach that they’re taking, but what they’re doing and the causes that they’re trying to promote, they can’t change that now. You can’t just stop because somebody says we don’t like it. Let’s remember, a protest isn’t supposed to appease everybody. I think we’re losing sight of some of the reasons they’re doing this because of the way in which they’re going about doing it.”

Doocy then asked Sehorn what he would do if he was still playing in the NFL and one of his teammates was kneeling for the anthem, to which the football player turned ESPN analyst responded to by saying, “I would support him, he’s my teammate. There’s 53 guys in that locker room, we don’t all think the same way but we’re teammates.”

Sehorn, who spent much of his career as a cornerback for the New York Giants, went on to say that he personally would not kneel and would choose a “different venue” for protesting, but continued defending the players’ “prerogative” to do so. Additionally, he spoke of the locker room friendships that these athletes feel with each other which can diminish disagreements like the national anthem protests. “Relationships and the camaraderie and the banter that we had stayed there,” said Sehorn.

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