Fox & Friends Guest Offers His Purple Heart to Honor Canine Hero, Though ‘The Dog Obviously Doesn’t Care’


Conan is the brave dog injured in the capture and eventual death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Should the Belgian Malinois be awarded a Purple Heart for his efforts? This was the topic of conversation Monday morning on Fox & Friends.

Co-Host Brian Kilmeade introduced the segment, saying “despite the fact that military working dogs are not eligible, veterans are now calling for the canine, who was injured in the raid, to receive the Purple Heart.” He then introduced three guests who were all for awarding the dog a military medal given to those who are injured during military service to the nation.

While each guest promoted the recognition of the dog’s brave acts, it was retired Lt. Col Daniel Gade who directly addressed the president, held up a Purple Heart that he himself had been awarded.

Kilmeade introduced Gade with “And Daniel, you are a Purple Heart recipient. You believe you have a message for the president, right?”

“I do have a message for the president. Mr. President, if you are watching this morning,” Gade said, adding “I brought one of my own purple hearts to present to the dog if you would like me to do so or if you would like me to give this to you, I can these dogs are heroic”

He continued “So, absolutely, if they are wounded in action I think it’s totally fine to present a Purple Heart and you know the handler will have that as something that he can have forever,” before admitting that “the dog obviously doesn’t care.”

The dog may not care, but in the eyes of these veterans, it’s important to reward the dog with a medal for his brave service.

Conan and his handlers are planning to visit the White House this week. Will he receive a Purple Heart? Only time will tell.

Watch above via Fox News.

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