Fox & Friends Guest: The Democratic Party is a ‘Full-Blown Socialist Party’ That ‘Endorses Antifa’


Campus Reform editor Lawrence Jones went on a free-wheeling tangent today on Fox & Friends accusing the Democratic Party of endorsing political violence.

Jones spoke to Ed Henry about whether leftist figures are encouraging misbehavior and harassment of Republicans by rejecting the concept of civility. Jones said this is the only thing the left can do when they’re “losing on the issues.”

“This is why Republicans were targeted on the baseball field. This is why Rand Paul‘s neighbor attacked him because of his views on healthcare. This is why Susan Collins is under protection because they didn’t agree with her vote on the Senate confirmation of [Brett] Kavanaugh.”

Putting Steve Scalise and Susan Collins aside for a moment, it’s worth noting that Paul was not attacked by his neighbor because of his views on health care. Reports initially suggested that Paul and his neighbor had disagreements on health care and other political subjects, court documents revealed that the attack was spurred by a longstanding dispute about yard debris and landscaping.

This wouldn’t be the first time Jones made factually incorrect statements on Fox & Friends. The network had to issue a correction once after Jones repeatedly claimed writer Jemele Hill was “unemployed.”

Henry didn’t correct Jones on his claims about Paul, however, but set him up instead to deliver more talking points on how “mob” violence emerges from rampant liberalism on college campuses.

Jones went on to make the wild claims that the Democratic Party is now socialist, that leaders have lost control of their party, which is now endorsing Antifa, a designated terrorist organization.

“This is a full-blown Socialist party that endorses Antifa, a domestic terrorist group and, again, bringing on the college campuses we lost control of the campuses and now it’s gone to Capitol Hill, it’s going to restaurants. I will tell Americans make sure you are protecting yourself and protecting your back. The mob is out there and Democratic leaders who called the mob, they cannot control this mob.”

Eventually, Henry noted that Trump praised Greg Gianforte (R-MT) at a rally last night by complimenting how the congressman once physically assaulted a reporter. Henry said Trump has to “do better” in terms of de-escalating tensions. Jones called it an “isolated event,” even while saying “we all have to do a better job. I don’t see a lot of Republicans beating up people because of the ideas.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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