Fox & Friends Guests Get Heated Over Maxine Waters’s ‘Take Trump Out’ Remark

Fox & Friends is sounding the alarm: following the unearthing of a speech from October in which Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she wanted to “take Trump out,” host Ainsley Earhardt asked Monday morning “at what point does the Secret Service consider this a credible threat?”

Earhardt then had on TheBlaze contributor Lawrence Jones to battle Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins over the congresswoman’s remark.

‘I’m a free speech person and I’m a libertarian,” Jones said. “When you insight violence that should be investigated,” he continued, before claiming Waters’ rhetoric is the type of speech that leads to assassination attempts on Republican lawmakers.

“Michael, what do you think?” Earhardt asked. “You’re saying she didn’t mean that she wants to assassinate him — how else would you take that?”

Hopkins contended that he did not think Waters meant she wanted to literally assassinate the president — but was talking about impeachment — before noting that the congresswoman could be more careful with her words.

The strategist also argued that amped-up rhetoric is not purely a Democratic issue, pointing out that Ted Nugent was invited to Trump’s White House after he suggested he wanted to kill Obama, and that the current president incited violence during his campaign rallies.

Things got heated between the two guests as they argued over whether Democrats were more responsible for such rhetoric, and Jones accused the left of focusing too much on Trump and not “the issues.”

“Lawrence, with all due respect, I’ve watched you talk about Hillary Clinton everyday for the last month,” Hopkins replied. “Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States.”

“I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton!” an outraged Jones shot back. “We’re talking about Maxine Waters, and how she — how she talked about essentially assassinating the president!”

“She didn’t,” Hopkins contended, before conceding that Waters should take some responsibility for her poor choice of words.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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