Fox & Friends Promotes ‘Buy American’ Then Quickly Hawks Products ‘Made in China’

Why does Fox & Friends hate America? Or more to the point, why is Fox & Friends placing profit over principled patriotism? Because that’s what it looked like today when they turned their show into the Home Shopping Network to hawk some products made overseas.

Some background. It’s a pretty well accepted fact that of all cable news programs, none walk more in lockstep with President Donald Trump than Fox & Friends. And the top-rated cable news morning show made an editorial choice on today’s program that — at best — seemed an odd and discordant message to the morning show’s viewers, or — at worst — exposed the program to a charge of hypocrisy.

Moments after Griff Jenkins reported on the White House imploring the patriotic benefits of buying products that are “Made in America” (while touting revised GDP numbers showing over 3% economic growth for Q2), Fox & Friends showcased a number of products in an odd segment that felt more akin to the Home Shopping Network than standard cable news fare. And as the headline indicates, some of the products featured were NOT MADE IN AMERICA! (For shame.)

This “Mega Morning Deals” segment, hosted by Megan Meany, listed a number of products that viewers could immediately purchase on the Fox & Friends website. To be fair, not all of these products were produced overseas, but at least two appeared to be. A simple web search suggests that the Bye Bye Clog is made in Hong Kong, and at least one Amazon reviewer blamed the poor quality of the “Sausalito Sheets” on a “Made in China” tag.

As strange as it is for the top rated cable morning show to hawk items like a late night infomercial, the always-awkward segment hit an even stranger note this morning as the “Made in China” products were peddled (at a discount of up to 85%!) immediately following a segment trumpeting the White House’s “Made in America” initiative.

It is certainly good news that the U.S. economy is growing, and amidst this report Jenkins revealed a leaked portion of President Trump’s speech planned for later today that read “When we grow American manufacturing, we don’t only grow our jobs and wages – we also grow the American spirit,” President Trump will say, according to the official. “When we purchase products made in America, fashioned by our fellow citizens, we renew the bonds of national loyalty that link us all together.”

Savvy readers might immediately recall that the vast majority of clothing sold under both the Trump and Ivanka brands are also produced overseas. So the seeming hypocrisy that the Trump family brings to insisting on the “made in America” ethos (while personally benefitting from the vast profits that come from cheaper manufacturing in the Far East) also applies to Fox & Friends.

Now it’s not clearly not a crime to sell products made overseas, nor is it wrong to tout the benefits of buying products that are made in America. But if one uses patriotism as a political cudgel — as we have seen with the NFL anthem protests — then one best adhere to the very standard that one promotes. Fox & Friends wasn’t insisting that everyone buy American, but by selling products produced overseas makes them look remarkably hypocritical.

Just like President Trump.


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