Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Correctly Called Comey Memo Leak

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade speculated that former FBI director James Comey was the source of reports of memos detailing meetings between himself and President Donald Trump that surfaced last month.

The New York Times first reported on May 16 that Comey had memos alleging Trump asked him to close the investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn. According to the memo, Trump said to Comey ““I hope you can let this go,” during a private meeting in the Oval Office in February.

In Comey’s dramatic testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, he confirmed that he had memos of his meetings with Trump, which detailed Trump’s “hope” that the former director of the FBI would close the Flynn investigation.

Comey also revealed in his hearing that after he was fired, he asked Columbia law professor Daniel Richman, a close friend, to leak the content of his memos to reporters. Comey apparently hoped reports of the memos would trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor.

While some commentators have speculated Comey was the source of the memo leak, Kilmeade made the prediction in full on a May 17 episode of Fox & Friends. Though not typically known for his astute observations, it appears that Kilmeade was right on the money.

In the episode, he said of the reports: “you don’t get that memo unless James Comey gives you that memo. You don’t make that phone call unless James Comey tells you to make the phone call.”

“You don’t call the New York Times unless you know that it’s the anti-Christ to this administration, because you feel as though you could hurt him the most,” Kilmeade added.

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