Fox & Friends Host Mocks Rachel Maddow’s Reaction to North Korea News: ‘She Literally Had a Meltdown’


Fox & Friends Weekend host Rachel Campos-Duffy took a swipe at MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Saturday morning, mocking the primetime host for her reaction to President Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy move.

The Fox & Friends weekend edition was in the mood to fawn over Trump’s impromptu move to accept a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which reportedly shocked South Korea, Washington and even the president’s own State Department.

The show’s hosts took turns praising Trump for willing to meet with Kim, unlike previous presidents, before playing a montage of pundits from the “mainstream media” warning that the planned summit runs the risk of dealing a win to the regime without achieving anything in exchange.

“I wish we had the clips from Rachel Maddow,” Campos-Duffy said, “because watching her reaction on the day this was announced was almost as good as watching her on election day.”

“I mean she literally had a meltdown,” Campos-Duffy continued, “and they just can’t figure out how [Trump] operates.”

Campos-Duffy may feel some kinship with the president — a former reality TV star — as her own claim to fame is appearing on the third season of MTV’s The Real World.

She went on to praise Trump’s “common sense approach” to North Korea, while criticizing the “pointy-head policy” by “the diplomats and the technocrats who think that they’re the only ones that have ideas on these diplomatic issues.”

“Actually, Donald Trump’s way of handling makes a lot more sense to me,” she said.

Afterwards co-host Pete Hegseth went on a rant about how “the so-called mainstream media — because they’re not mainstream, they’re left wing, and they defend Democrats — took the talking points of the Obama team” on the Iran deal.

Trump “threw away the playbook, and now they’re at the table,” Hegseth said.

It’s worth noting that Trump’s predecessors could have accepted a meeting with North Korea’s leadership, but never did, for different reasons. Former President Obama, for instance, was open to talks but was never convinced that Kim Jong Un was serious about denuclearization, and his administration saw a summit between the two leaders as a propaganda coup for the North Korean regime.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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