comScore Pete Hegseth Rages Against Trump Impeachment: It's All Fake!

Fox & Friends Host Rages Against Trump Impeachment: ‘It’s All Fake! It’s All Fake!’

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth condemned the House Democratic-led impeachment of President Donald Trump, saying on Thursday — the morning after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) passed articles of impeachment — that “the whole thing is fake.”

After the Fox News show played a number of clips from CNN and MSNBC, in which hosts and analysts highlighted the historical importance of Trump’s impeachment, Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt replied by saying the whole event was “political.”

“It’s all fake. The whole thing is fake,” Hegseth said. “The investigation was fake. The trial was fake. Everyone knows what the outcome is going to be. The solemn nature, the sadness, the prayerfulness — it’s all fake. Everyone sees through it.”

“This is a historic day with their 10 viewers that are watching,” he added, in an apparent dig at MSNBC and CNN’s ratings.

Steve Doocy then chimed in to blame Pelosi for solely listening to her “political base,” who “wanted her to impeach the president and so yesterday she delivered. That’s what they wanted. She gave it to them. He is not going to be removed but she can say look we did our part and then the Senate let us down.”

The hosts also laughed at Pelosi and Democratic lawmakers for their reaction after impeachment received enough votes to pass, as Earhardt paraphrased the House speaker’s comments to her party by saying, “Don’t you cheer. I told you not to … Don’t do it in public. you can cheer when you go back behind closed doors. Don’t cheer because everyone is watching.”

“This is a sad day. We know you waited three years for this but don’t cheer,” Doocy remarked in a similarly mocking tone.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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