Fox & Friends Host Says Joe Biden and Barack Obama ‘Delivered Health Care in Remarkable Fashion’


Former President Barack Obama got an unexpected shout-out from Fox & Friends when co-host Griff Jenkins reminded his co-hosts that Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden “delivered health care in remarkable fashion.”

On Saturday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, Jenkins and co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth discussed the friendly fire that Obama took at the second Democratic presidential debate.

Bila read aloud a tweet from Biden in which he wrote “I was surprised at all of the attacks on President Obama’s record at the #DemDebate. The Obama-Biden Administration passed Obamacare, lead the world on combating climate change, and saved our economy from the brink of disaster. He was a great president. We don’t say that enough.”

The tweet was from August 1, although the onscreen graphic said it was from August 3.

“Obviously taking a lot of heat on deportation, taking a lot of heat on healthcare,” Bila said, adding “I think President Obama was sitting at home probably saying ‘Hold on a second, progressives, I thought you liked me, I thought I was the popular guy for a minute, at one point he was the fan of so many progressives around the country. Looks like not so much anymore.”

“That’s a good point, in fact there was an earlier fundraiser email that I got saying ‘Get your sticker, Obamacare was a BFD’,” Jenkins said, adding “Remember, he delivered healthcare in remarkable fashion.”

“But now what the left, what Warren and Sanders are saying, is we’re going to take away your private insurance, we’re going to decriminalize the border, and Barack Obama wasn’t that great of a guy after all, we need to go way further,” Jenkins added, and said he questioned the strategy’s wisdom. Warren and Sanders support a “Medicare for All” bill that would effectively replace all private insurance with a comprehensive government plan.

Jenkins may have been referring to the extraordinary political lift that it took to pass Obamacare — the bill was ultimately passed via budget reconciliation in a squeaker of a vote — or to the plan itself, which dramatically reduced the number of uninsured people in this country, or both.

This isn’t the first time the Curvy Couchers have defended Obama in the wake of the debate attacks, and hae even pointed out that former First Lady Michelle Obama is “beloved around the world.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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