Fox & Friends Hosts Focus on Obamacare Security Threats: ‘Does This Not Scream Complete Violation?’

The hosts of Fox & Friends focused on the security risks associated with entering your personal information into HealthCare.Gov on Tuesday, featuring the stories of individuals who have had their information compromised as a result of attempting to apply for the federal insurance exchange program. The hosts asked why anyone would dare apply to this program given the risks.

Steve Doocy began the segment by introducing Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) warning of the threat that people who apply online face from cyber hackers. “Now we’ve got exhibit A,” Doocy said.

He introduced the story of a South Carolina attorney who entered in his personal information into the website and found his information had been compromised.

“I’m very concerned because if you go to the HealthCare.Gov website, there is no system for reporting a breach,” said attorney Thomas Dougall on Monday. “Any bank or any other secure online system you can easily report potential security breaches.”

“How does that not scream complete violation?” Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked.

Brian Kilmeade said that the effort to patch the system while it is still live is doomed to failure. He advised those attempting to fix the system to shut it down for repairs. Hasselbeck admonished the administration for continuing to advise the public to sign into the Affordable Care Act exchanges even though their personal information may be compromised.

“That’s kind of a deal-breaker right there,” Doocy asked. “Who in their right mind would apply online if this could happen to you?”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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