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Fox & Friends Hosts to Bret Baier: If Syria Push Fails, is Obama’s Agenda ‘Doomed?’

Ahead of a major public push by President Barack Obama to drum up support in Congress and in the public for an intervention into the Syrian civil war, the hosts of Fox & Friends asked Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier for a preview of what to expect from the president. Baier noted that the White House is pressuring Congressional Democrats to back Obama’s push for Syria or risk endangering the viability of the rest of his second term agenda.

“It is Democrats that are the big question mark for this president and this administration,” Baier began. “Even though there is this pressure that this week is monumental for this president, not just on Syria, but for the rest of his agenda, there are many Democrats looking at constituents—80-20 against—saying this is the wrong move.”

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Baier reported that, over the weekend, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Congressional Republicans in an effort to secure their support for an attack on Syria. He added that the effort is hindered by the fact that the president does not have a track record of building relationships with members of Congress.

“Apparently behind the scenes, the last ditch effort to try to get these Congressional Democrats on board, even though they’re squarely against the president, is to say, ‘You know what? If this does not pass, his agenda is doomed. Anything you want to get past is doomed,’” Steve Doocy observed.

He asked Baier if Democrats would be well advised to support the president given the price they paid for supporting him on issues like health care reform and stimulus spending in his first term.

“Yeah,” Baier agreed. “And look at that and those lawmakers look at that experience and they say, what is happening here?”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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