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Fox & Friends Hosts: Was Iran Deal’s ‘Curious Timing’ Meant to Change Subject From Obamacare?

Special Report anchor Bret Baier joined the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday morning to analyze this weekend’s announcement of a deal designed to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Baier was asked whether this maneuver was calculated to get the problematic Affordable Care Act’s implementation out of the headlines. Baier agreed that the announcement of the new Iran deal was “handy” for the beleaguered White House.

Baier began by saying that the nuclear deal has not been warmly welcomed by both Republican and Democratic members of the United States Congress.

“The critics, including New York’s [Democratic Sen.] Chuck Schumer, say the sanctions were working,” Baier reported. “That they were essentially a boot on the throat of Iran and that’s why Iran was coming to the table.”

“So, for the administration, that is their argument,” he continued, “That they wanted to get the first step and go to a bigger deal. The critics are saying ‘Listen, this is giving up too much to get not a lot.’”

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“Don’t you think it’s a little curious– you know, some of my friends were talking over the weekend, ‘Oh, isn’t that curious timing?” Steve Doocy began. “Out of nowhere in the midst of Obamacare not unrolling correctly, the president’s poll numbers never been lower, then look, [Secretary of State] John Kerry pulls a rabbit out of his hat and changes the subject.”

“Yes,” Baier replied. “It is questionable timing.”

“However, they had been working on the deal for a while and it did come together at this time,” the Fox anchor continued. “I mean, they unrolled it at this point.”

“It’s handy for them,” Doocy observed.

“It is handy for them,” Baier agreed. “Let’s just put it that way.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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