Fox & Friends Lauds Trump Walking Out of Congressional Meeting While Warning of ‘New Caravan’


Viewers of Fox & Friends Thursday morning learned three important things as the program opened at 6 AM:

1) There is a NEW CARAVAN of immigrants amassing in Honduras (the news of which is coincidentally being broken on the same day that President Donald Trump is planning a visit to the Southern U.S. Border.

2) President Trump’s walking out of a failed negotiation meeting with Democratic leadership over the current government shutdown and border wall funding was all part of his Art of the Deal negotiation tactics.

3) According to Senator John Thune, the specific candy served to Congressional members in attendance included Skittles, Butterfingers and Baby Ruths.

Fox & Friends producers were likely very pleased with their choice of N’Synch’s Bye Bye Bye as opening music bed, which seemed to make light of Trump’s obstinant behavior while roughly 800,000 Federal workers will not be receiving paychecks due to the government shutdown that Trump owns as his own doing enters its 19th day. But another caravan is coming! Be afraid! It’s a national emergency!

Watch above via Fox News.

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