Fox & Friends Love Rush Limbaugh for Calling Out ‘Wimpism & Wussism’ in Washington DC


Fox & Friends gave Rush Limbaugh a special shoutout on Friday for his takedown against wusses and cowards concerned about President Trump‘s rhetoric for dealing with North Korea.

Pete Hegseth took the lead on the 7 A.M. block by snarking that former president Barack Obama and people like him are living in a “fantasy” if they think dictators like Kim Jong Un can be brought under control through diplomacy and dialogue. Shortly afterwards, the show highlight a moment from Limbaugh’s radio show where he slammed the “wussism and wimpism and pajama-boyism” of the Washington establishment.

“North Korea is a zit on the butt of a pig, and there is no reason to be afraid of it. Would rerun around acting afraid of a zit on a pig? Mr. Limbaugh, they are getting nuclear weapons. Yet, they can’t hit the side of a barn yet for crying out loud. What are we supposed to do sit here and wait until the real one is airborne and hope that being gentle and compassionate and unprovocative will stop this lunatic from doing what he is doing? Is that what we are to believe here? That we adopt the Obama pajama boy policy here? That’s how the Iranians got this their nukes, its this pajama boy liberalism way of life.”

The panel particularly appreciated it when Limbaugh took a shot at Hillary Clinton during his extended screed. Hegseth continued the conservative radio host’s point by blasting foreign intelligence officials who have turned “into wimps because they believe these globalists international sort of council on foreign relations we can talk our way through it with sanctions.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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