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Fox & Friends Mocks Pete Buttigieg for Telling a Little Kid That Trump is ‘Mean’

Fox & Friends mocked Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday after the South Bend mayor called President Donald Trump “mean” at a recent campaign function.

During a 2020 family brunch event in Palo Alto, Buttigieg told a child, “you can’t play [Trump’s] game” of using personal insults.

“You know, he’s really mean, he likes to call people names. If we do it his way, I think we are going to lose. So we have to change the whole game.”

On the curvy couch, the reaction was mockery, as Brian Kilmeade responded “okay, child” and Steve Doocy said Buttigieg just gave away his game plan. Doocy said the president’s tactic of mocking his opponents with names has been “very effective” for him, and his colleagues suggested Buttigieg is a hypocrite for calling Trump “mean.”

“He’s not going to do what the president is doing by doing what the president is doing by calling him names,” Ainsley Earhardt said.”

“Right,” Kilmeade said, “but I will call him mean, to the child who was told not to be mean.”

Kilmeade listed off Trump’s insulting nicknames, and Earhardt delighted in Trump’s nickname for London Mayor Sadiq Khan: “Even the mayor of London! Said he’s Bill de Blasio, just shorter.”

“He just kept everyone at bay,” Kilmeade explained. The segment ended by transitioning from “Sleepy” Joe Biden to Sloppy Joe (the sandwich, not the former vice-president).

Watch above, via Fox News.

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