Fox & Friends Mocks North Korean ‘Propaganda’ Seconds After Quoting Trump Tweeting Exact Same Thing


Two Fox & Friends hosts mocked Kim Jong Un‘s excuse for conducting missile launches as “propaganda” that will “never get out” just seconds after their co-host had read aloud the exact same “propaganda” in the form of a tweet by President Donald Trump.

On Saturday morning, Trump tweeted a description of a letter he received from Kim this week, writing that the dictator mostly complained about our country’s military exercises, and promised to end missile tests once those exercises stop. Trump called the exercises “expensive and ridiculous.”

On this weekend’s edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, co-host Jedediah Bila read Trump’s tweet aloud during a roundup of news headlines.

“In a letter to me sent by Kim Jong Un, he stated, very nicely, that he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint U.S./South Korea joint exercise are over. It was a long letter, much of it complaining about the ridiculous and expensive exercises. It was also a small apology for testing the short range missiles, and that this testing would stop when the exercises end. I look forward to seeing Kim Jong Un in the not too distant future! A nuclear free North Korea will lead to one of the most successful countries in the world!” Bila said, quoting Trump.

She then noted that North Korea’s most recent missile launch — which took place after Trump received the letter from Kim — “is the fifth of the last two weeks.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth then Hegseth literally referred to the texact thing that Trump uncritically repeated to the entire world as North Korean propaganda, correctly noting that “Internally, the propaganda they use in North Korea are these exercises, it’s totally false. But that’s how they try to justify it.”

Not to be outdone, co-host and former Superman actor Dean Cain remarked “It’s not coming out, no one’s going to hear about it, it’s inside North Korea,” to agreement from Hegseth, who had just summarized that propaganda to Fox’s viewing audience, and who was sitting next to a woman who had read that propaganda word-for-word only seconds earlier.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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