Fox & Friends on Hearings: ‘No Bombshells’ ‘No Evidence the President Did Anything Impeachable’


On the morning that followed what appears at least to be the end of the House Intel Committee impeachment inquiry hearings, Fox & Friends opened with some notable glee on how they felt the proceedings worked out for President Donald Trump.

Co-host Steve Doocy summed it up as plainly as possible for viewers of the top-rated morning show — that also just happens to be the favorite cable news show of President Trump — in a manner that suggested a clear White House victory for this bitter political battle that’s become an existential threat to the Trump administration.

“There were no bombshells during the entire 12 witnesses because the Democrats had leaked all the good stuff out ahead of time,” Doocy noted, before adding “No one had direct evidence that the president of the United States did anything impeachable and no one heard him specifically ask for quid pro quo.” Co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade followed up in agreement, seemingly pleased that this episode has passed.

Doocy’s summation, however, differs significantly (and quite predictably) from reports out of other media outlets that have long been dismissed as biased as anti-Trump.

Doocy, and Fox & Friends producers, also overlook the Wednesday testimony of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland who clearly noted that “everyone was in the loop” regarding the withholding of a meeting with Trump unless Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky publicly announced an investigation into Joe Biden.

It also ignores Thursday’s stunning testimony of Fiona Hill who plainly stated the Rudy Giuliani-led foreign policy investigations, that clearly and politically benefited President Trump, ran separate and counter to national security interests.

Also, it is also not the role of these witnesses to adjudge the actions of the President in terms of what is impeachable or not, so the oft-heard claim that not one witness could claim they saw anything impeachable may sound good for Trump supporters, but the more correct description is that all declined to opine on that matter.

Recent polls show that just over 50% of Americans feel that President Trump should be removed from office over this, and seven out of 10 believe that Trump did something wrong. How these polls will move as a result of this week’s testimony remains to be seen.

Watch above via Fox News.

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