Fox & Friends ‘Outraged’ Over VA Scandal: ‘No One Is Doing Anything!’

After Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki got hit by a double whammy of criticism — first at an uncomfortable Congressional hearing, where he was brought to task about the failure of the VA hospital system, and later when Jake Tapper bluntly asked a White House representative “how many dead veterans” were needed to bring Shinseki to task — the hosts of Fox & Friends leapt into the fray and demanded that he be fired.

“We know his track record is unbelievable,” Brian Kilmeade admitted. “What he’s already done for the country in uniform. However, just because you’re a great general doesn’t mean you’re a great CEO.”

They specifically took umbrage with how long Shinseki’s been aware of the systematic issues plaguing veteran’s hospitals. “What’s extraordinary is there have been reports in his office since 2010 that reported these gaming strategies where they had these different ways to game the system so it looked like the wait times were pretty short and that way they could boast hey, we’re doing things,” Steve Doocy observed.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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