Fox & Friends Floats Widely Mocked Conspiracy Theory That Ford Misidentified Kavanaugh as Attacker


On Friday, Steve Doocy pushed an extremely dubious conspiracy theory that Christine Ford is misidentifying Brett Kavanaugh as the man responsible for her alleged sexual assault.

For those who don’t know, Ethics and Public Policy Center president Ed Whelan recently posted a Twitter thread where he argued that Ford’s accusations are a case of mistaken identity, having confused Kavanaugh with a different classmate — who Whelan identified by name and posted photos of. The idea has drawn mockery and contempt across the political spectrum throughout the week, but Doocy apparently decided to go ahead and advance it anyway on President Trump‘s favorite TV show.

As Ed Henry acknowledged the mistaken identity idea, he also noted that Ford released a statement last night saying there’s “zero chance” she was confusing Kavanaugh for the man Whelan suggested her assaulter was.

Watch above, via Fox News.

UPDATE: Steve Doocy later brought up the theory during an interview with lawyer Jonathan Turley, but made clear that Ford said there’s no chance she confused her attacker. At the end of Friday’s Fox & Friends, he read out Whelan’s tweet apologizing for his theory.

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