Fox & Friends Pushes Back on ‘Caravan’ Criticism: ‘Propaganda? Tell That to the People in Tijuana!’


Fox & Friends wants its viewers to know that, now that parts of the caravan have reached Tijuana, they are vindicated in their coverage of this so-called invasion.

In the weeks before the midterms, Fox News featured nearly non-stop coverage of migrants assembled near the Mexico-Guatemala border. This group were traveling by foot and nearly 1,000 miles away from the Southern border. Commentators on Fox News called this an “invasion,” which was parroted by President Donald Trump.

No other Fox show has covered the “caravan” of Central American migrants heading north the US southern border more vigorously than Fox & Friends. Critics have decried their pre-midterm obsession as “propaganda” but on Friday morning, the top-rated morning show pushed back hard, saying “tell that to the people of Tijuana!”

Many in media, including myself, criticized this coverage as caravan fear-mongering solely designed to rally an ostensibly xenophobic “build that wall” base of voters, whose enthusiasm led to Trump’s election in 2016.

The fact that caravan coverage fell off precipitously after the election only supports this assessment. According to transcript database TVEyes, in the two days before election day, Fox News mentioned the term caravan 154 times, compared to only 24 mentions in the two days after.

Taking a page from President Donald Trump’s “the best defense is a good offense” playbook, Fox & Friends aired numerous clips of these critics calling out caravan coverage with a chyron that blazed “LEFT DISMISSES CARAVAN PROPAGANDA.”

It now appears that roughly 500 members of the caravan have reached the border town of Tijuana, which has created a rather significant disruption for the Mexican city close to San Diego. Fox & Friends was all too eager to show b-roll of the local protests as vindication of coverage of the invasion they were obsessed with pre-election.

There is no question that border security policy is a significant political issue, and Fox & Friends is right to cover. The baseless presentation of these migrants as an “invasion,” as Fox & Friends has said on air previously, is worthy of fair critique.

The fact that the first members of the caravan are currently in shelters in Tijuana and seeking asylum interviews actually suggests that, at least in this case, U.S. border security is working so far.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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