Fox & Friends Questions Threat To ‘Freedom,’ Asks: ‘Are The Days Of Constitutional Gov’t Over?’

“Are the days of constitutional government over?” asked Peter Johnson, Jr. on this morning’s Fox & Friends. Segueing into the segment, he cited a Pew poll that showed majority of Americans said the federal government threatens “personal rights and freedoms.”

The Democrats argue otherwise, “but the American people aren’t buying it,” Johnson said. With that, he turned to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, asking, “Is the federal government overreaching every day in every way?”

No, Cuccinelli replied. “It’s not overreaching every day in every way, but right now it’s overreaching on more days in more ways than probably ever has before in yours and my lifetime.”

He particularly pointed to the EPA (the “Employment Prevention Agency”) and to President Obama‘s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. Asked about the response, Cuccinelli said people ask if they can sue, but usually the answer is no.

“You don’t like what they’re doing, vote differently and show up and vote. And not everybody does, of course,” he said. Our system is designed “so that the states would be the last line of defense pushing back when the federal government overreached.”

Video below, via Fox News:

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