Fox & Friends Relay Race Ends In Tumble, Possible Concussion

What happens when you have injured Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, four Fox & Friends hosts, actor Mark Consuelos, and camera operator Chris Ciullo just hanging around? If you’re Fox News, you set up a relay race outdoors and make everyone participate.

Lewis, who just had surgery and was there to promote the HERSHEY’s Track and Field Games, couldn’t participate, so co-host Brian Kilmeade divvied up the teams of those left: Hyper 5 a.m. hosts Ainsley Earnhardt and Anna Kooiman would be paired with Ciullo, while Kilmeade, Consuelos, and Steve Doocy — wearing gloves — made up the other team.

“Is this really happening?” Consuelos asked.

“This is happening!” Kilmeade confirmed.

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And they were off! And pretty much tied… until Ciullo — on the last leg of the relay — tripped and tumbled, bouncing his head against the sidewalk. His co-workers came to his aid, with Consuelos offering some sound legal advice for Ciullo (who insisted he was fine): “You own Fox now.”

Watch a clip of the race — and Ciullo’s fall — below, courtesy of Fox News:

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