Fox & Friends Reveals Site Of Obamas’ First Kiss Is Business Saved By Bain Capital

Here’s a funny coincidence pointed out by the hosts of Fox & Friends Friday morning: A plaque commemorating President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama‘s first kiss happens to be at a Chicago Baskin-Robbins that was “bought up and saved by Mitt Romney’s old company Bain Capital.”

The chyron for the report read “Romney To Thank For Obamas’ First Kiss?!?” Romantic!?!

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Anyone else find the level of interest in the First Kiss (apologies), well… a little much? And by “much,” I mean “creeptastic.” First that Kiss Cam weirdness, now this? I understand that the Obamas are a relatively young and openly affectionate presidential couple, and that there will naturally be some level of interest in or curiosity about their romantic lives, but yeesh. Once a statue goes up commemorating the exact Ruby Tuesday booth where Barack first made a corny joke that made Michelle wonder if she should have gone out with that guy Jeff instead or a pop-up museum exhibit on the site where Michelle accidentally sneezed while Barack attempted to do the slick “yawn-and-hug” at a movie theater, I’m launching a Super PAC called “American Eagles Screaming ‘Yikes, You Guys.'”

Anyway, check out the segment, from Fox News:

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