Fox & Friends Ridicules CNN for Russia Correction…One Day After CNN Labeled Them ‘Infomercial’


It seems that the cable news wars do not take the weekend off.

Yesterday, CNN’s Brian Stelter took a broad swipe at Fox & Friends, dismissing the morning show as “an infomercial” for President Trump. Stelter echoed an opinion expressed at Mediaite, that Fox & Friends has become a safe haven for the president, his family members and closest advisors, as the questions posed are more akin to gently lobbed softballs that often paint the White House in the most glowing light.

It was a tough but fair segment, though the timing of its broadcast was not ideal for CNN. Why? Because it came the same weekend that CNN retracted a story that alleged Trump campaign advisor Anthony Scaramucci was part of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in the presidential election, more specifically his alleged ties to the state-run Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). As a result of this errant report, CNN instituted a new editorial review policy regarding reporting on Russia.

Context for the blissfuly ignorant: CNN’s detractors consistently blame the cable news network of being a purveyor of “fake news,” and seem to also believe that CNN’s programming has become overly obsessed with an ongoing investigation of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia election meddling.

So Fox & Friends producers and hosts were likely all too delighted to follow Stelter’s critique from yesterday with a specific example of CNN’s promotion of a story that had to be retracted. To be clear, the story never made air, as its promotion and publication was limited to

Nonetheless, in this most recent battle of cable news programs, consider Fox & Friends the winner of this round, even if they often appear as “state-run tv.”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Fox News.

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