Fox & Friends Signals Virtue to Vaccine Hesitant: All Three of Us are Vaccinated. Without the Shot You Are in Peril.


Let’s call this the best sort of virtue signaling possible.

The hosts of Fox & Friends took turns talking about the downside of not getting the Covid-19 vaccination Monday morning, which is no small thing given the number of vaccine-hesitant Americans (many of whom share a similar demographic and political profile of F&F viewers.)

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt kicked off the segment by openly revealing that all three hosts have been fully vaccinated, calling it a “relief.” “I will say there is so much freedom,” she said. “I understand there are people that have vaccine hesitancy but we all three are vaccinated and I tell you when I got it it was like, ‘okay…relief.'”

Steve Doocy chimed in, saying, “Right but it’s the people who have not gotten the shot which, you know, ultimately they are the ones who are in peril, and they are the ones…”

Brian Kilmeade interrupted to say “Making their own decisions.”

“Absolutely,” Doocy agreed, adding “But nonetheless, that’s why the CDC is still doing that,” making reference to mitigation mandates such as indoor masks and social distancing.

While Kilmeade appeared to be more focused on how the decision on getting the vaccine was up to the individual, which the others agreed to, the message was clear to Fox & Friends viewers: get the Covid-19 vaccination and you will enjoy freedom from CDC guidelines and return sooner to a normal lifestyle.

Much has been written about a segment of the American population that is refusing to get vaccinated, the majority of which appear to be White Republicans. On Friday, I questioned why Tucker Carlson has not yet revealed to his viewers whether or not he has been vaccinated, which could go a very long way in promoting the safety of the vaccine and public health.

Kudos to Fox & Friends for promoting the public benefits and safety of getting the Covid vaccine, even if the messaging was mixed in with the occasional grievance at municipalities who are overbearing with their guidelines.

Watch above via Fox News.

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