Fox & Friends, Stephanie Grisham Bash Pelosi for Withholding Impeachment From Senate: ‘They Don’t Have a Case’

Fox & Friends interviewed White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham over the weekend, during which, they teamed up to rip Nancy Pelosi’s maneuvering on President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Throughout the Sunday show, the curvy couch said the house speaker “has no case” for impeaching Trump, as evidenced by her decision to hold the articles of impeachment back from the senate. Pelosi has said that she’s withholding the articles while she negotiates the rules and conditions for a fair impeachment trial in the senate, and when Fox & Friends ran how Saturday Night Live covered the commotion, they asked Grisham to explain Pelosi’s decision to wait.

“It looks like the House Democrats have thrown our country into chaos for absolutely no reason,” Grisham said. “They impeached a president who did absolutely nothing wrong, and now they don’t have the guts to see it through and send it over to the Senate.”

Grisham continued to say Pelosi “overplayed her hand” and the Democrats, “they don’t have a case” that will hold up to the evidence and witnesses that will come up in the Senate’s trial.

“So now she’s just going to hold on to these things, It’s like she’s taken her toys and gone home. It’s really, really unfortunate, because the president does deserve due process, and the president does deserve to be acquitted. And this country deserves to know that their president did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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